Yay for the impending madness that is  Gaelcon. About a month before the con, and sure most of us are busy. I generally disappear for two good reasons.

  1. I will be writing not one but two games. Both likely to have a table and satisfy me to a certain degree, but that will require hours of painful work on maps, layout and design and possibly some manner of pop up Lectern. I’m looking at you GUBU.
  2. Secondly, and worserly, I have to do the design. The t-shirt is done, that just leaves fliers, tickets, signs, a booklet that requires horsetrading not normally seen outside of a small town square in Rural Ireland circa 1935, and more banging of heads against walls than is strictly fair or legal.


Why? Someone has to do it is my default response. I figure it’s actually some manner of addiction for now.

“Hello, my name is Baz, and I’m addicted to CS6”

“Hi Baz, your addiction is LAME.”

“No, LAME would be audio, wouldn’t it?”

Terrific stuff.